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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  August 28, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: he promised to make headlines, the gunman who killed the 2 journalists on live tv and a hair trigger temper and we keep hearing episode after episode of over last several it years. the tribute for alison parker and adam ward coming in. ben: bill deblasio announcing the flood plan to lower manhattan and other coastal areas across the city. >> could ban the sale of sugary drink to minors.
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soda. juliet: talk about the nanny nation. ben: i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy. friday august 28th. not the we don't love our job but we hate waking up at 2:30 in but morning. >> nice to see you on this friday. ben: you may have talked us into going to the u.s. open. it is fairly confirmed. we got to make sure they will let us in. >> meteorologist: a minor detail to take care of. we will keep you posted on at. let's talk about this morning. when you step outside in this very early hour like we did on the show temperatures feel pretty cool, we are in the 50s, 54 in poughkeepsie, 50 in sussex, 56 in central park, it
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feels good, 65 n. isil, 68 the current reading for montauk point. looking at are winds, nice and white at the moment and nice and dry on satellite radar. -clouds out there but overall we expect a nice dry weather pattern. high pressure is in control, that brought great weather over the last couple days and will bring as the fabulous friday. mostly sunny skies, temperatures rising into the upper 80s to 70s. 90 degrees in the beginning of next week. we will give you an update on the tropics, a lot happening there but let's see what is happening on the roads. ines rosales is here. ines: off to a good start friday morning, no problems on long island, suffolk county, northern state and southern state
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coming in with out any issues on 80 n. 287 value can see route 24 let's take a look at the staten island expressway, a construction a bit of a problem here and there throughout the week, at 5:thirty-three by victory boulevard east bound you lanes open eastbound, west bound you are fine, slight delay with construction going on. if you are taking trains long island rail road, metro-north, new jersey transit and pass trains on or close to schedule. in the tribute pouring into the two journalists and down on live television. juliet: teresa priolo is here with more. >> reporter: two days after two journalists were executed on live tv the full weight of what happened in roanoke is setting in as the community gathers to opera but rarely investigate is releasing new information that
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the man who carried out this heinous crime. >> reporter: somber faces eliminated by the glow of candles, in honor of alison parker and at the 20, a chance for the roanoke community to rally and parade. >> we report violence every day sense. >> did see with a ton of bricks. has been struck down by gun violence. >> investigators work to determine what caused vester lee flanagan to snack. depending getting away with these murders, filled his rental car with multiple rounds of ammunition, three license plates, backed up by phone and
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a disturbing picture emerges. cat feces, pornography, flanagan, who went by the name bryce williams was fired from the station. frequently complained about colleagues including writing delusional ramblings to run of. the same incoherent thoughts in a 25 page manifesto to a news network. he killed parker and word live on air and despite that those who knew him say they still couldn't have predicted this. >> he is very angry. it is something we never expected to happen. >> vicki gardner in stable condition, shot in the right side of the lower back as she dropped to the ground to avoid the hail of bullets. her husband says the two lost a
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kidney and heart of her:but is expected topart of her:but is expected to make a full recovery. >> mayor bloomberg tried to ban sugary, and introduced a new bill in albany that would prevent sale of sugary drink larger and 16 ounces to minors across the state. the bill would require warning labels on food and beverages with at least 40 grams of sugar. ben: tropical storm erika could be heading toward florida and some areas of pr will get eight inches of rain. they need the rain in that area. yesterday the storm dumped 12 inches on dominica and killed four people, 20 others still missing. erika will hit the british and u.s. virgin islands today. forecasters say the storm could strengthen to hurricane by
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monday as it continues to move northwest toward florida. juliet: bill deblasio looking for a repeat of hurricane sandy. ben: he looked for the flood plan for manhattan and other coastal areas, robert moses has details. >> what this community winter after sandy. >> hard to forget the devastation can be inflicted on lower manhattan. the storm flooded the brooklyn battery tunnel and sent water cascading into the south subway station. >> so much of what is important to the cities in lower manhattan. it has to be protected. >> reporter: the city is taking a big step towards doing that. the mayor announced the and one hundred million dollar commitment to direct terms which mandate hills and deflateable flood walls with the director of the mayor's office of recovery and resilience explains what those systems might look like. >> the number of types we are exploring, some installed in the ground and someone has to put in
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temporary in nature. >> reporter: the $100 million investment will build flood walls from montgomery street near the manhattan bridge south around the tip of manhattan and up the west side to the north end of battery park city. the city acknowledges the project will cost far more than $100 million but the hope is that investment will bring hundreds of millions more in federal dollars. >> people in this community, very vivid what it means there's still a threat out there and we don't take any of it lately. >> reporter: robert moses, "good day new york". >> president obama tour areas devastated by hillary it -- hurricane katrina at ten years ago. >> flooding on the lower ninth floor, that a new community center in an area with 17 feet
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but there's a lot more to do. >> almost 40% of children still live in poverty in this city. that is not a finished job. that is not a full recovery. >> hurricane katrina cause $150 billion damage in the gulf area. >> those living on the west side, the first subway station in a quarter-century will open next month, seven train stop at 34th street and eleventh avenue will open on september 13th. the mta sister to grand central will take six minutes. the $2.4 billion expansion will serve as a link to the jackson center and new developments underway. the opening comes two years after its behind schedule, but construction delays and equipment tests. big issue with the elevators there.
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elevator that leaves the studio and it will be all your fault and i will say i told you so. still ahead on "good day early call". you will -- so not what we can expect for the weather this weekend, giving a little more
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>> meteorologist: a cool morning across the tristate area, waking up in the 50s nw in poughkeepsie where temperatures at 54 degrees, 52 in monticello, 50 in sussex, new york city at a comfortable 66 degrees at this early hour so we are seeing mainly clear conditions across the northeast courtesy of high pressure which is the dominant weather feature, nice stretch of weather during much of the week ended will dominate the weather as we go into the vote weekend. we are watching the system from the west, not really going to have much of an affect, we will see up more warmer and humid air mass working in to the region by the end of the beacon. one of our main focuses is in the tropics, tropical storm erika, bringing conditions to the island there is, winds at 40 miles an hour, on its current racket is expected to move over
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dominican republic and it looks like it is going to head towards the bohemian islands and and all eyes will be on south florida as it is expected to impact that state as we go into the end of sunday into monday and tuesday. by that point it will intensify into a category 1 hurricane and that will cause wind and flooding issues across the east coast of florida. we are nice and dry across our area, mostly sunny, temperatures feeling nice in the upper 70s to low 80s, northwest wind will keep us dry and tomorrow expecting another beautiful saturday. nice stretch over the summer and it will continue this week and. turn up the humidity and heat a little bit as we go in to sunday closing in on 90 monday and next week we get a little uncomfortable, temperatures rising in many spots and will be humid making it feel warmer than that. you can track the weather by downloading our weather apps,, you to get the daily and hourly forecast as
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apps at your google play store and itunes store so check it out. let's check out the roads this morning, ines is here. ines: the commute looking good this morning, good way to start friday, no problems westchester, fine on the tappan zee bridge, note issues, middle6 county, on the parkway and the turnpike and 287, let's go to our cameras, 59th street bridge no problems, upper lower-level, smooth sailing, george washington bridge checking the hudson river crossing, construction on the upper level, no delays left, upper lower level, towards the lincoln tunnel looks good as well as but holland. juliet: donald trump went after the media while campaigning in
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>> is rocky relationship with the media and point out of a famous spanish radio dj started calling him the man of the tube a. he told the crowd yesterday it is real. >> ran my hand through his hair years ago. i lifted it up too. >> maybe he has something about women running their hands through his hair because he invited a woman on stage to inspect those infamous golden locks. you are here, curtis, what do you think of this? >> excuse me. it was some kind of half frites, come up to guys run their hands through your hair? juliet: we had a studio audience, come on over. it was hair spray but i lifted
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>> how much -- a head of hair. i even touched the scalp. >> when you went to have a drink. pull it off of it. no respect to calm to pay. walk in here. what do you mean what is my hair situation? shaved it -- look like a convict. you can touch my head. it will titillate me. juliet: dennis?
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sugary beverages. >> what is that hair that rand paul has come up brother of new paul? ben: that is that to pay a situation. >> chris christie, the last debate, he had that sort of swirls on his head. how come there are no chrome domes running? juliet: they don't typically do well. >> what is it against chromosomes? ben: want famous chrome dome politician, jerry brown has a ball head. >> show him no respect. the last one was eisenhower. that was before your time. you weren't even playing, with your barbie dolls, you with your g.i. joe dolls. ben: eisenhower was president 60 years ago. >> i remember right, 1964, that is what i was drifting to this world.
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ben: something about -- >> staten island, staten island. at too much time on his hands. >> he would then sugary drink larger than 60 ounces. i could have a big belt and then could only get the 16 ounce, this is nuts. you have too much time on your hands. you know what makes the kids fat? not sugary drink, i drink two, 68 ounce bottles of coca-cola each day and in doing it since i was 16 years old. get off -- scrape the barnacles off your backside and get those kids to go outside and run around instead of playing x box, x box.
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that is how they get fatter. dari: when you drink 136 ounces of coke every day? >> that is where i get this excess energy. before i drop dead, room temperature, can i go out with a bottle of 16 ounces? juliet: that is why you are having a heart how petitions and high blood sugar. >> excuse me candy striper. >> 770 wabc. >> i am the only d but here. three snaps. juliet: still ahead watch this. run over by cameramen on not segway.
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ben: let's see if you can't get this. >> only $1,200, a few months away, you can't save it up. let's talk about the weather because we expect another spectacular day across the tristate area, plenty of sunshine, dry conditions, picture-perfect friday across the region. we will warm up into the weekend and get hot and humid into the beginning of next week, much of next week will be hot and humid, yesterday's numbers beautiful across the region, as along the shore points, new york city, jersey shore, northwest upper 70s, a cooler, 60 degrees, now we are 66, very comfortable dewpoint and humidity levels at the moment, temperatures across the northeast looking good, 50s in syracuse towards pittsburgh, 60s in d.c. towards boston and in store for a beautiful friday across the entire northeast. high pressure is in control, nice and dry from new england
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towards the on the atlantic and the system out to the west won't be affecting us. under the influence of this area sliding least, we will see a change in wind direction to usher in warmer temperatures and higher humidity by the end of the week and. today expect mostly sunny skies, high clouds, nice and dry, same thing saturday, mostly sunny, a few clouds towards the afternoon and overall sunday will look the same but the difference on sunday is we will turn of humidity and bring up the heat. today will be nice and dry and comfortable. sun filled skies morning to night, temperatures in the upper 70s to low enumclaw's and marlowe 80s, humid and hot sunday, stayed try the next several days, we don't expect rainfall until late thursday, the threat of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. ben: we have sports.
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chile looking to finish a sweep of the phillies. juliet: -- ben: 5-4 in, so long run to right. we are all the sudden at five. the tenth inning check this out. yankees of last night's starting a 2, the day two games back, the blue jays in texas and yanks good news on the off day helped by defense from jose batista. the rangers beat the blue case, a demand halfback in the a.l. east. juliet: we are going to the tennis match.
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for her fifth rate major title, fourth of this year at the u.s. open. yesterday in queens the drop for the open was released and the world number one will have her hands forward as she goes for tennis's first grand slam in 27 years. dari: the man known for his rib shaking, sometimes back toward breaking dunks in the nba has passed away. he spent 14 seasons in the nba including five in new jersey with the nets. he was just here a couple months ago. he was the first nba player to be drafted in the first round 3 out of high school in 1975, became very popular buying naming many of his art shattering dunks. john this morning at the age of 58. juliet: really terrible. ben: the fastest man on earth could not get away from a guy on two wheels. jolliest won the men's 200 meter
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beijing running at 19.5 seconds, doing a victory lap, runover
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